The AT2020 Audio-technica USB Mic And The AKG Perception 120 USB Mic

Published: 06th June 2011
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Looking to compare the AT2020 audio-technica USB mic with the AKG Perception 120 USB mic? You should consider reading this brief article. After careful research of each mic, you will be able to make a smarter decision on which will be a better fit. You can compare the prices and products online. The article will compare the features, sound quality of both, and the reputations of the companies. It is always best to research a product before making the investment. You can compare the prices and products at online stores or your local vender.

The AT2020 garnered five star reviews as users thought it was an excellent mic for the price. It has been reviewed as a top-quality product that is very simple to use. It has been stated its just right for recording music and doing podcasts. The price is reasonable and many buyers have been satisfied with their purchase. A lot of consumers would buy this same item again.

Whether you are a musician, in the music industry, or just looking for a way to record sound, having the right mic can make all the difference in the world. It's paramount to do your research so that you're ready to make the right decision before you buy.

The Perception 120 USB

This microphone comes from a company that has been known for making some of the best mics in the business for both the pro and the novice. This particular model is renowned for its vocal sound as well as instruments with high sound pressure levels. This could surely be named the microphone that does it all as it can pick up varying sounds from diverse sources easily. Most consumers were excited about the quality of sound.

This microphone is really good for picking up a meeting or rehearsal, as well. The use of this microphone is straight-forward. You just plug it into the USB connection on your PC or recorder. The simplicity with which you can use this mic is a great asset, as with many USB mics. Overall most consumers welcomed the convenience and handiness of this piece of gear. It was very convenient when they really had the right situation for it. You'll be able to use it for various kinds of recordings.

AT2020 audio-technica USB Mic

The accessories that come with this mic were well-thought out. It is compatible with many platforms so it is simple to use and connect. No install steps or drivers are necessary. The superb sounding converter makes it a reality to get good sound quality in the USB classification. Special features help minimize vibrations and ambient noises so you can be confident that you are getting quality sound every time you employ it.

Some of the components make it especially simple for miking instruments or for up-close performances. It also includes a USB cable, a swivel mount and a tripod table stand. All of these extra accessories renders this microphone an outstanding mic for the money.

To compare the with the AKG Perception 120 USB Microphone, you can also do research and read reviews about the products. Both mics have gotten rave reviews. Quality of the sound is more often than not an important consideration regarding mic technology, so make sure you find the one that will work for you and your needs.


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